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Sometimes, in life, you have the opportunity to create something beautiful from nothing.

by Darren Caveney

Being able to make the UnAwards happen each year is the very best part of my job.

I had coffee with a comms colleague last week and he asked me how long I spend on the UnAwards. Truth is I don’t know – I don’t log it – but it would be in weeks not days if I were keeping a count.

You see it doesn’t matter. A key part of the original ethos behind comms2point0 was to fly a flag for comms people everywhere and shine a light on the great work I know you do, each and every day, all across the UK and beyond. That’s why I do it.

The UnAwards are an important way of recognising and celebrating the sung and the unsung no matter what size your team or budget, no matter what sector to do your thing in, and no matter whether you’ve been plying your trade for 20 years or 6 months. Anyone can win an UnAward. Anyone. But this year, more than ever before, you’re going to have to be blooming good…

Some numbers. Big numbers

You’ll probably know that we had 332 entries into the #UnAwards16. Enormous by anyone’s standard. It makes me beam when I look through the mass entries. I’m in such a fortunate position to be able to see the work you’ve carefully crafted and delivered this past year. My many hats are off to you all.

But this volume makes for even tougher decisions

I’m not exaggerating when I say that the competition has been fierce this year. One category exceeded 40 entries. Wow. There is work of a real quality not even making shortlists this year. This is a good thing because it helps us to raise our collective standards.

 Saying thanks

A huge thank you to everyone who has entered this year.

A big thank you to ‘Super Luke’ Williams who has been masterful in his logging and categorising of all 332 entries.  He deserves an award of his own.

And an extra special thank you to the judges this year who have worked minor miracles to get through the volume of entries the UnAwards16 attracted. I owe you all beer. Thank you kindly.

Don’t forget the public vote

If you haven’t already done so – tut tut - please do get voting in this year’s public vote. There are three categories you can choose the winners for: team of the year, post of the year and the prestigious lifetime achievement UnAward.

Voting closes on Wednesday 23 November (midnight) and you can vote here.

And now the bit you’re really interested in – the shortlist

Here’s the UnAwards16 shortlist. If you’re on it you should go out and treat yourself to a slap-up meal because that, I can assure you, is an amazing achievement.

Tickets to the big day…

Now comes the inevitable scramble for tickets. I’ve probably bored you senseless for the last two months by telling you not to delay on buying a ticket to the #UnAwards16. That’s because I know it will sell out again and because we have a strict limit on tickets. 141 to be precise.

I’ve held them at £20 + vat for the third year running to ensure they are totally inclusive. And for that opportunity we owe lots of gratitude to our partner, GovDelivery, and our sponsors Alive With Ideas, the Local Government Association, Social Simulator and the NUJ PRCC. I love you all for your continued support of our fine industry.

There are a few tickets left as I post this update. They are limited to two per organisation now, purely to try and get as many organisations there as is possible.

You can – currently – book your ticket here.

Looking forward to seeing many of you on the big day on 1 December at the fantastic Everyman Cinema in Birmingham.

And no, I’m not telling any of you what the surprise film is going to be. But you’ll love it :-)

Darren Caveney is creator of comms2point0 and organiser of the UnAwards16

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