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The end of any year is a time for some quiet reflection - what went well, what didn’t. Reflection is a good thing. But so is a great big celebration. And the #UnAwards16 is a day to celebrate all that’s brilliant about our industry and your hard work and achievements this year.

by Darren Caveney

Well after a three-month build up the #UnAwards16 is finally here.

If you have managed to bag a ticket, well done. They really have been in huge demand. Should we get a larger venue next time? Maybe, but then if we’re not careful the UnAwards would become the very thing it set out not to be. As my Dad used to say - they don’t make diamonds the size of house bricks.

Win, lose or draw you’re in for a great day

The UnAwards is my favourite work event of the year. It’s quite unlike any other industry event I’ve been to.

Of course if you’re shortlisted but don’t win you’ll be disappointed.

But the day is designed so that win, lose or draw you can genuinely enjoy a fun event and a unique opportunity to network with industry colleagues new and old. That in itself is reason to be there.

Not winning…

I spent a small fortune earlier this year to attend a London hotel awards event. You know the kind of thing - black tie and £300 a ticket. In truth we were never going to win the award and I left feeling a bit miffed. Not because we didn’t win – I’m a Birmingham City fan so I’m no stranger to defeats. I was miffed because I felt like I was a bit like room fodder, and for the amount of cash I shelled out I could have taken the family away for a long weekend.

I don’t want anyone to feel like that when they leave the UnAwards so a lot of thought and love has gone into the event.

Twitter and Snapchat use at the event

If you can’t be at the UnAwards16 follow it on Twitter using the #UnAwards16 hashtag.

We have a Snapchat filter for the event too so if that’s your platform it would be great to see your pics there.

Announcing the winners and snaps of the big day…

We’ll be posting the winners names to the UnAwards16 website directly after the event.

We also have the fab Nigel Bishop taking snaps and filming the event and we’ll get these online as soon as possible.

Timings, film and food

The venue for the UnAwards16 is the rather lovely Everyman Cinema in Birmingham's Mailbox.

If you’re coming along aim to be at the venue between 9.30am and 10am for registration, a cup of coffee and a croissant. We’ll ask you to take your seats at 10.20am.

After the ceremony we’re watching a cool film (for those of you badgering me for the title or a clue, my lips are remaining zipped)

After the film you’ll tuck into hearty bowl of veggie chilli and be done by 3pm.

And the dress code is…

Whatever you fancy. Literally. This is NOT black tie, as you’ll have guessed J But if you want to come in your fancy clobber then go for it.

Saying thanks

Thanks so much for your support – 332 entries and 4.6k public votes is a brilliant response from you.

And I’ll be thanking our UnAwards partner, GovDelivery, and our sponsors the Local Government Association, Alive With Ideas, the NUJPRCC and Social Simulator. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – we couldn’t do this without you.


If for any reason you have a ticket but can no longer come along please let me know as we have a waiting list of eager folks bursting to be there.

I look forward to seeing lots of you on Thursday

Darren Caveney is creator of comms2point0 and organiser of the UnAwards16

image via Thomas Leuthard

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