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Listening to a comms professional explain their award-winning work is a gem of a learning opportunity.

by Darren Caveney

The UnAwards has been a passion of mine for over four years now. It's taken up a decent chunk of my time to make them happen each year. But when you enjoy something so much, and it's packed with learning and connecting opportunities, it doesn't ever really feel like work.

This year the UnAwards Winners Masterclass showcased the work of eight winners and to a packed room of public sector communications professionals from around the UK. Each spoke about the challenge, the creative idea, the delivery, the results and the hard outcomes. Each winner overcame some significant competition to claim an UnAward so their shared insight was valuable to everyone in the room.

Connie Osborne from Greater Manchester Police brought a tear to most eyes in the room with her account of what she and the team did following the horrific Arena attack.

And Alex Mills made us all laugh with the story behind the brilliant Operation Chip Pan campaign and video.

Each winning speaker was a credit to our profession - and such excellent speakers too, by the way.

Thank you to every speaker for taking a day out of their busy schedules to share with the comms2point0 community.

I personally learned a huge amount at the Masterclass and I am so grateful to the official partners who made the day possible and free to attend for everyone.

The Masterclass partners were the Local Government Association, Granicus, SocialSignIn, The Council Advertising Network and Alive with Ideas.

Each partner is keen to talk to you more about where they can support and enable you in delivering your comms challenges. I genuinely recommend each one of them to you and will happily connect you with them if you shout me - hey I'm GDPR-friendly.

You can email me at

THE #UNAWARDS18 will open in September - more info nearer the date both here and on the official social media channel @comms2point0

Darren Caveney is organiser of the UnAwards, creator of comms2point0 and owner of creative communicators ltd

image by Nigel Bishop

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