You can ...

1. Prompt us to invite an individual or organisation to enter any award by nominating them using the form below

[NOTE: if you want to nominate someone for a 'Lifetime Achievement' or 'Best Communications Officer' award then scroll down and use the standard entry form - for both of these categories do please exceed the stated word limit to tell your story well] 

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2.  Create an award entry.

You have 19 categories to choose from, and you can absolutely enter more than one category for your work.

Complete the entry form by clicking below, and tell our judges all about your great work and why it should win.


Once you've done that simply email the completed entry form to the UnAwards team at admin@comms2point0unawards.co.uk

If you want to add one supporting document or image please email this along with your completed entry form and we'll do the rest.

Don't forget… it's exactly the same process too if you're nominating someone for a 'Lifetime Achievement' or 'Best Communications Officer' UnAward.

We'll contact you via email if we need any further info.

Good luck!


any questions?

Tweet us @comms2point0 to ask any questions about the UnAwards. 

Or if you prefer, email Darren.